round [adj1] ball-shaped; semicircular area annular, arced, arched, arciform, bent, bowed, bulbous, circular, coiled, curled, curved, curvilinear, cylindrical, discoid, disk-shaped, domical, egg-shaped, elliptical, globose, globular, looped, orbed, orbicular, orbiculate, oval, ringed, rotund, rounded, spherical, spheroid, spiral; concept 486 round [adj2] complete accomplished, done, entire, finished, full, rounded, solid, unbroken, undivided, whole; concept 531 —Ant. incomplete, lacking, unfinished round [adj3] full-bodied, ample in size chubby, expansive, fleshy, generous, large, plump, plumpish, pudgy*, roly-poly*, rotund, rounded, tubby; concepts 491,773 —Ant. inadequate, small, tiny round [adj4] resonant, rich in sound consonant, full, mellifluous, orotund, plangent, resounding, ringing, rotund, sonorous, vibrant; concept 594 —Ant. low, soft, weak round [adj5] honest, direct blunt, candid, frank, free, outspoken, plain, straightforward, unmodified, vocal; concept 267 —Ant. deceitful, dishonest, indirect round [adv] approximate about, all but, almost, around, as good as, close to, in the neighborhood of, just about, most, near, nearly, practically, roughly; concept 762 —Ant. definite, exact, precise round [n1] globe, ball; semicircular area arc, arch, band, bend, bow, circle, circlet, curvation, curvature, curve, disc, disk, equator, eye, gyre, hoop, loop, orb, orbit, ring, ringlet, sphere, wheel; concept 436 round [n2] cycle, stage ambit, beat, bout, circuit, circulation, circumvolution, compass, course, division, gyration, lap, level, performance, period, revolution, rotation, round trip, routine, schedule, sequence, series, session, succession, tour, turn, wheel, whirl; concepts 364,727,807 round [n3] unit of ammunition bullet, cartridge, charge, discharge, load, shell, shot; concepts 498,500 round [v1] turn; encircle begird, bypass, circle, circulate, circumnavigate, compass, encompass, flank, gird, girdle, go around, gyrate, hem, pivot, revolve, ring, roll, rotate, skirt, spin, surround, wheel, whirl; concepts 147,149,187 round [v2] make curved; remove angles arch, bend, bow, coil, convolute, crook, curl, curve, form, loop, mold, perfect, polish, recurve, refine, shape, sleek, slick, smooth, whorl; concepts 184,202

New thesaurus. 2014.


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